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The Morbid the Merrier: Halloween scents!

Coffee? Check! Sniffer? Check! Bag of goodies from The Morbid The Merrier? CHECK! Lets get to sniffing!

I got four of the five Halloween scents to try out and they are ... fantastic. it was my first order with TMTM so I got these and two other samples to try out and see if I could get the scent personality of the company. I feel like I got a good selection and have a good idea of what i can expect from them. An interesting mix of scents mixed so that they melt into fragrances, as apposed to a couple of scents in a vial that all sort of hang out next to each other and wave at you happily. I enjoy both sorts of blends. These are the former... and I guess the ladder too at first. Double bonus happy score.

" A wreath of funeral flowers, leather seats, vetiver, and mahogany."

In the vial
Dark. Really dark. I don't really pick up the floral... but everything else is there in the first sniff. Like the inside os a stage coatch at night. Dark.

First applied
Aged mens cologne, sort of faded. Mahogany... and something else....*sniffing* The leather is there- it smells a little dusty maybe- it paint a picture in my head which is great. I love that.

Dry down
It's not as dark now as it was in the vial, still dark, but not as dark and not at all bitter- but not really sweet either. Old boots on a wood block about to be shined. I'm not really getting any floral at all. But the element that lends to the sweet- but not at all sweet smell I don't know what that is. I need help here. I don't know what Vetier smells like so lets say it's that. If you know please let me know in the comments and I'll add it to the description.

Final thoughts
Completely middle of the road, a dark road- when it comes to who I think could wear this. It's really great. And like I said, it paints an ominous picture for me- I LOVE that. It smells really nice and on me at least, feels like the scent gets warmer the longer I wear it. I was really excited for this one because of it's name sake and I still am. Not at all disappointed.

Quoth the Raven
"Fruit orchards, a sharp spike of clove, and the remnants of chimney smoke on dirty wings."

In the vial
It smells sort of softly fruity. Like an old fruity perfume passed it's prime- but not rotten either. If this was the final smell it would be in heavy rotation. Very pretty.

First applied
It almost smells like a cardinal cherry for a monent before the dirt chimes in and shakes hands with the fruit... then you start to smell it, creeping in on you... clove.

Dry Down
Clove steps out in front a couple minutes in and reminds me I need to pick up some more clove gum. It steps back a bit when all the scents start to really marry - the dirt and soot scents mix with the fruit and the clove is, for a few minutes, the head of the pack- then it becomes a sweet spicy note in a very old worldly sort of smell. Like a light perfume in a dusty alley in london somewhere in the 1800s.

Final thoughts
As awesome as the descriptions sounds... is how great this scent is! I can't even tell you how much I love this scent. It's the sort of smell you can let your mind wonder while wearing. On me it seems to Drift up and down over and over. I will say this, if you are not a clove fan- I'd skip it. The clove is a big part of this scent. I love clove and dirt and soot and fruit and ahhhh how much do I love this scent. Too much.

Little drop of poison
"Dragon's blood, plump dark berries and red wine barely conceal a rich, resinous and very poisonous base."

In the vial
It almost smells like a perfumed bit of antiseptic, not in a "get it away!" sort of way, more that it has an intense Dragons blood & resin scent -but a sort of cool scent at the same time.

First applied
At first all I really smell is the dragons blood, but after a few minutes the wine comes up and slowly get stronger and stronger. Not overwhelming mind you, but it's there and it's clearly wine. The resin and the dragons blood kind of fade a touch into a more wearable smell- aka no longer smells like a freshly cleaned wound to my nose.

Dry down
The wine comes down with the other notes, it's vary warm now and it still has really great throw. Maybe the best out of all of them. It's Dragons blood for the most part now I think. The scent remains very clear the entire time I wear it.

Final thoughts
It's a dragons blood scent without smelling like a dirty hippie in a head shop. The berries never really showed up to the party, though the wine did come and she danced on the tables and flashed her huge pendulous breasts. Good times. I can see myself wearing this when the mood hits me- when it's very cold and I need a warm boost of something to cling to. It's what pretty, clean hippies in the fall should smell like. I hope thats not too off putting to the dirty hippies. The throw on this lasted for HOURS! it's close to the skin - but not so much that people couldn't smell me from across an isle at the Walgreens. So that happened.

"Church incense, candle wax, and red animalistic musk"

In the vial
Sort of a sweet smoke scent. Not food sweet, more like tobacco sweet- Right off it smells like a men's scent on the sweet side. And there is something that hits the back of my nose- like a cooling like menthol- in a completely good way.

First applied
That cooling scent gets a little more intense and the sweet dies down considerably Almost as soon as it hits my skin. It starts to blend into one scent on me very quickly, all the notes being so evenly balanced it sort of becomes a new smell in that the notes hold each other up instead of compete.

Dry down
It smells like warm clean fresh man neck. I know. I'm a freak. But that is exactly what it smells like to me. What a really hot guy smells like after a steamy shower. Just a hint of clean warm spice. The sweet scent did come back a bit more about twenty minutes after I put it on- but it's sort of comes and goes on me.

Final thoughts
I love this. There was no hint for me in the description of the scent that I would even sort of care for it- but it's really nice. I would say it leans more male- but honestly, on the right woman it would be magical too. I get scared when the word "musk" enters a description- but this is a perfect sort of blend. I notice a hint of musk, but not until I went and read the description again. It's not a "wholly shit straight musk in my face" musk. It's not musk with some other scents tossed in- it's the opposite. And the blend is really lovely.

Overall impression
I need to get "we all float down here" and a couple full sizes of the scents I tried. I really love these. That staying power varied for my a bit- from 5+ hours to around 2 hours- but even the two hour one still left my skin scented- just not what I would call perfumed. More like the level a perfumed soap leaves after a shower. Just a nice sort of tint of scent- if that makes sense at all. The prices are great, 12.00usd for full size and three sample sets = 7.00usd for 3 samples, 12.00usd for 5 samples, or 23.00usd for 10 samples. Shipping is great. Seller has FANTASTIC handwriting. I'm already plotting my next order.

If you have any suggestions for scents I just plain HAVE to try let me know! What have you tried and loved?I'd love to know! And if you have any comments...leave um! I'll do what I can to give you the answers you crrrave.


Noteworthy post script: I bought everything myself. Everything I say is all me. If something is bad I don't have a problem letting you know about it. That sort of information is as useful, if not more so to me when I'm "blog testing" any company, as the good stuff is - Dishonesty is a waste of both our time. Thanks again.

All images without my watermark were taken from The Morbid The Merrier... that means all but the first picture.

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  1. I just placed my sample order for these. Reading your review I am even more intrigued. I can't wait to try them!