Friday, September 9, 2011

Halloween @ the Morbid the Merrier


I being "it" means that I am alive and starting off this blog finally. Will I be showing you great shots of stink and describing them in great detail while shooting little annoying jokes in at you ? Nope. I'm going to start by Slutting a bit. That's right! Halloween stink is in the air. Right now at The Morbid The Merrier the air is thick with the stink of rotting awesomeness, in only the best of ways! There are four in the GEIST perfume line and five HALLOWEEN LIMITED EDITION scents... I'm going to go ahead and list the scents I am planning on giving a try and the rest I will wave you over to the store to check out! Now, the perfume comes in oil form and the GEIST scents also come in lip balms. Now that that is done, lets get to it! While all of these look really great (and I do actually mean that) these three really got up in my butt- forcing me to give it them a try. All of these are from the Halloween 2011 line:

Quoth the Raven

Described on the TMTM blog as "Fruit orchards, a sharp spike of clove, and the remnants of chimney smoke on dirty wings" There is nothing about it that doesn't make me need it.

Little Drop of Poison

"Dragon's blood, plump dark berries and red wine barely conceal a rich, resinous and very poisonous base." uuuugh yes. Okay, I'm in.

And last, and most important...


"A wreath of funeral flowers, leather seats, vetiver, and mahogany."

There are no words.

I may just pick up a sample of each of them. Which, if you'd like to do that 5 samples come to you for 12.00usd as well as other packs of 3 (7.00usd) and 10 (25.00usd) samples. A full size bottle (5ml) is also 12.00 usd. Shipping isn't a killer either- squee.

So check them out! And when I see new Halloween stinks come out I'll shoot you the info.

All photos on this post taken from The Morbid The Merrier.

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